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Games Day and Golden Demon Germany 2013.

1. Preface.

I was just looking at my last post and it's amazing how it took me 4 years to go back to a Games Day - hell, even finishing a serious paintjob took me that long. So, there it was my cabinet of 9 pieces, all conviniently spread over Games Day categories, all about 90-95% finished. Needless to say that, with the exception of two new entries all the stuff I brought to and entered at the Golden Demon Germany was basically 4 years old. That was not a good premise under which to enter a competition that was believed - and turned out to be - the hardest GD Germany in roughly two or three years, due to GD France and GD Spain being canceled this year, so from a competitive point of view I was scared. But I was strangely excited when I finally decided to go, bought the ticket and booked the train...

2. The Plan.

The Plan was to finish all the entries that piled up and to put those projects, lingering on the edge of my consciousness like a gloomy omen of trouble, behind me at last and to create two new ones additionally in about a month time, in order to present 11 competitive pieces in 11 valid categories. 

Finishing entries, one pillar at a time.

3. Preparation.

I forgot how to English.
I had about 35 days to finish it all and I had it all well planned - it only got a bit stressful towards the end because some of these days - like lots of others - during peek temperatures of 39-40° I simply couldn't force myself to paint, but I was done (with the exception of two details I didn't paint, only realizing after the competition) on Saturday morning. I finished all the old entries and built a Contemptor Dreadnought and a duel that I christened "The Clocktower". I owe P1per from who lent me his airbrush a big thank you, because it made finishing these 2 entries a lot faster. It was my first experience ever with an airbrush, so most of the stuff looks pretty basic, but I learned a lot. I had to buy a second "transport case" shortly before the Trip, because I couldn't fit 11 entries into my trusty wine box, but apart from that no incidents...well, except some spelling errors...

In pingere veritas.

4. The Trip.

After about 9 hours which I passed with old Firefly episodes (little did I know I would see that hat again soon...) and music that I saved on my laptop I arrived in Cologne at late Saturday. I took a taxi to the hotel and then made my way to the lobby where still most of the painters were talking and less so looking at miniatures. Since I was late more and more people were leaving already and I didn't really know anyone but a few people (and I am not the biggest socializer in the world) so I was gone again quickly and off to roughly 6 hours of rest. I slept like a stone...    

5. The Day of Games Day.

I arrived at the location shortly after the venue opened and I started handing in my entries. My cases were tightly packed and I had to follow a certain routine to get them out safely and that's why it took me about half an hour until everything was unloaded. I listened to Jarheads talk about how to create a Slaye....I mean Golden Demon entry, talked to the few people that remembered me from the old days, went to the Forgeworld booth and looked at the cabinets full of neatly painted miniatures. And then I waited...and...waited... and when it was time to pick up the entries I had 10 finalist medals. So I picked up my 40k Monster entry and the guy in the grey shirt told finalist medal for this one. So I went "oh well..." and thought about 1000 reasons why the Kroot didn't place, but in the end was only a little sad I didn't get 11 finalistmedals... I went from "ohsit I will get nothing" to "ok, two or three demons are possible" a couple times, but in the end I didn't really see it that way - I closed a chapter by being here, finished a lot of old stuff and made room for new stuff. Mentally mainly. Tabula rasa.

6. Awards.

They call out names during the Day and when you are among them you get to line up behind the stage - they do this to speed up the ceremony. So I get my name called and I text home: "Guess I got a bronze somewhere!". A lot of categories go by for having 11 entries in the competition, but we finally get to 40k Monster and the guy in the black shirt calls three names, among them mine, to get ready to get on stage. I pick up all my things and as my favourite dwarf announcer calls "and bronze goes to..." I get ready...but...that's not my name? oh great...silver... "goes to..." and I make a step, but that's not my name either. So my entry is awarded Gold. 

Cool pic, cause Seb Perbet is in it. Je suis fan.

I didn't see that coming... Did you remember the category I didn't get a finalist medal in?

Not a finalist.
I'm happy, but confused. I don't laugh, I'm not moments like these I contemplate ;P My name gets called for Duel-Silver and Fantasy Squad Bronze, which makes me the only winner with three trophies in the competition. More than I could hope for. And you can bet your behind, I went to pick up that 11th medal ;P

Happy panda this one.
7. Unwinding.

In a little zen moment I hat I was rather happy that the entries I had the most fun creating and that came rather "natural" won. Maybe more on this in another post.

Thanks to everyone who was kind to me and took the time to chat a little after the event. I don't want to name anyone here, because I don't want to forget someone. Thanks to my girlfriend for being patient with me and my painting obsession before the event. Photos are partly my own and partly stolen from a lot of sources. Please head over to and find the list of reports and pictures, I started my picture-plundering-spree there. And I made sure I only stole pics related to me. If you want a copyright added, please leave a comment. I feel bad, but the guilty consciousness is overwritten by being tired at the moment. 

8. What did you enter?

I do not own a cam, so these pictures are all taken on the event, by various bloggers:

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  1. Great little post, but have to give you one correction. Adam Halon ( LOLER ) also won 3 awards ;) 2 Silver, 1 bronze :) So you tied with him for most awards at this event. Great history behind the pieces, and looking forward to seeing what you do over in Italy/UK now!

    1. but I have ELF medals too! I'm just kidding...thanks for the correction, this little detail slipped my perception...!