Mittwoch, 22. Juli 2009

Tombking guy...I think.

What do you sculpt, when you want to do a bust, but never did one? something ugly probably, so you can't do much wrong on the first try ;) This was a just for fun project - wanted to try the scale...

Dienstag, 21. Juli 2009

WIPs, anyone?

Sometimes, when I get a miniature done, I am still eager to sculpt and then I just grab a bit of wire and start without much of a plan. Unfortunately this lack of direction makes me lose interest sooner or later and they end up on my bookshelf...will they ever get finished?
from left to right: female pose study, Iron Man (he is a victim of my switching from Tamiya putty to Fimo), White Lion on Lion (no shit?), Deamonette, 54mm Arbitrator, character from BLAME, undecided male warrior, unfinished project for an Enigma sculpting competition

Samstag, 18. Juli 2009

White Lion, finished

54mm, personal sculpt

I have finished my second 54mm scale sculpt, the first sculpt i did with fimo.
I first did the basic anatomy in miliput standard, then worked with fimo over that (armor, face, helmet). Then I baked it so I could apply the free and hanging details, like the wings on the helmet, the feathers, coat, and scarp. They are done in a base of miliput and details added in fimo again. The axe is miliput superfine white, sanpapered in shape. Last details added in miliput superfine white.
I always was afraid to try fimo...looking back now I don't even know why. It's good I did my first sculpts in putty that's self hardening - it tought me a lot I think - but fimo is just so much quicker, once the armature and basic anatomy is done.
Wondering what I should sculpt next...still looking for a company that wants to give me a try. Untill then I guess I will sculpt a daemonette...or six =)