Samstag, 18. Juli 2009

White Lion, finished

54mm, personal sculpt

I have finished my second 54mm scale sculpt, the first sculpt i did with fimo.
I first did the basic anatomy in miliput standard, then worked with fimo over that (armor, face, helmet). Then I baked it so I could apply the free and hanging details, like the wings on the helmet, the feathers, coat, and scarp. They are done in a base of miliput and details added in fimo again. The axe is miliput superfine white, sanpapered in shape. Last details added in miliput superfine white.
I always was afraid to try fimo...looking back now I don't even know why. It's good I did my first sculpts in putty that's self hardening - it tought me a lot I think - but fimo is just so much quicker, once the armature and basic anatomy is done.
Wondering what I should sculpt next...still looking for a company that wants to give me a try. Untill then I guess I will sculpt a daemonette...or six =)

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