Donnerstag, 12. August 2010

holy crap

it's been almost a year since I posted something...but that doesnt mean I didn't do any hobby stuff.

I even painted a Lathiem, will take some pics when i painted the last detail :D

Some days ago I learned that Games Day Germany is on the same day as the Italian one - 17th of October - and for some reason I want to go this year. Probably aiming for the Italian, because Germany with its retarded 3-entry-limit is not appealing at all to me. After all its a 1100km travel...

I started to sculpt a 40k single entry 2 nights ago and I am almost done - I guess enjoying that one triggered the idea to go. So I have entries on the way for:

- 40k single
- WHFB single
- 40k squad
- Large scale
- Open
- LotR

...not too far from finishing most of them.

maybe adding one or tow less "prestige" categories, if I have the time. Now let's see if I can keep my drive =)

P.S.: WIP Pics will follow!

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